The Homestead Sponsorship Programme Art Auction 2012

Hennie Niemann Jnr: Naiads - river nymphs
Hennie Niemann Jnr: Naiads - river nymphs
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The annual online art auction conducted by Johans Borman Fine Art has been the major fundraising event for The Homestead Sponsorship Programme since 2009. The artworks on offer have been donated by the artists and Johans Borman Fine Art. All payments for works purchased are made directly to the Sponsorship Programme, and every cent is used for the benefit of The Homestead boys.

The 7 artworks on offer can be viewed at Johans Borman Fine Art, and will be open to bids from Friday 23 November. Bids can be placed by;
Telephone: 021 683 6863
SMS: 082 566 4631

The auction will be concluded live on Saturday 1 December 2012 at the Gala Dinner.

Conditions of sale
1. Reserve prices for the artworks are indicated on the website. The current highest bids will be displayed on the website as soon as we have received them.
2. Buyers are welcome to leave commission bids, with instructions regarding bidding increments, with Johans Borman Fine Art. Such bidders will be notified every time a higher bid has been registered.
3. Should there be any active online bidders during the last 30 minutes before the conclusion of the auction at the Gala Dinner, all active online bidders will be phoned to conclude the bidding process for that lot.
4. No additional buyer’s premium is charged, which means that there are no extra sales charges added to the amount that is bid.
5. There will be no charge for the shipping of the artworks to the successful bidders.
6. Johans Borman Fine Art undertakes to conduct this auction process in a fair and transparent manner to the full benefit of The Homestead Sponsorship Programme.

Please contact us by email or phone on the address or numbers provided above should you require better images or any further information.

The Homestead Sponsorship Programme

The Homestead Logo Our mission is to empower boys to improve their lives through education

The Homestead Children’s Home in Khayelitsha is The Homestead’s second phase residential care centre. Most boys living at the Children’s Home have fallen behind with their education and need to attend better resourced schools to give them a chance to ‘catch up’. The Homestead Sponsorship Programme was established in 2007 in order to equip the boys with the best possible qualifications by the time they turn 18 and have to leave the Children’s Home.

In 2008 the sponsorship programme placed the first 5 boys in appropriate schools as part of a very enthusiastic drive to create better academic opportunities for these boys. The positive results meant that in 2009, 28 boys were enrolled in better schools, and as many as 55 per year since then. The boys attend City Mission, BEST Centre, Holy Cross Primary School, Shiloh Academy and Zenzeleni School.

The Sponsorship Programme pays for educational assessments, school fees, transport costs, stationary and uniforms, and has been expanded during 2012 to include extramural activities. These added activities play a vital role in keeping the boys occupied, as not only the Children’s Home, but also the Khayelitsha community have, in recent years, experienced increased drug and gang related problems. The objective of this programme is not only to keep the boys busy in a constructive manner, but more importantly, to improve their self-esteem and overall behaviour. All coaches, instructors, volunteers and counsellors involved play significant roles in encouraging the boys to participate, practice and learn to believe in themselves. We are grateful for the generosity and commitment of all who volunteer their time and skills to make a difference in the boys’ lives.

Our fresh approach to healthy extracurricular activities involves better homework support, more sport activities, and the introduction of art and drama classes. The various sport options offered during 2012 included soccer, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, horse-riding and golf. Sports equipment and clothing were provided to all the boys by donors and the Sponsorship programme. The Art Club boys are enrolled at Frank Joubert Art Centre in Rondebosch where they attend art classes on Saturday mornings. The Drama Club is run by a volunteer, and they have weekly meetings at the Children’s Home. Participation has been superb, and many of the boys have made suggestions regarding other activities they would like to see introduced by the Sponsorship Programme!

Another positive aspect of these activities is the involvement of former Homestead boys who provide general fitness and kickboxing training, as well as dancing lessons – their commitment and determination to succeed make them excellent role models for the boys currently in the Programme.

The monitoring of homework along with continuous contact with the boys’ teachers has resulted in an immediate improvement in their grades, and an evaluation programme is being introduced to monitor the current school situation of, and future possibilities for, every boy.

It has been a significant undertaking for the Sponsorship Programme to have established these recreational and support activities during 2012, and we are committed to continue offering the boys these opportunities. We would like to thank all the sponsors and donors for making this possible.

For more information on the Sponsorship Programme and our contact details please visit Sponsorship forms for the financial support of individual boys can be found here.

Amori Borman
The Homestead Sponsorship Programme Co-ordinator

To sponsor a child or make a donation, please phone Amori on +27 (0)82 464-2135.

2012 Gala Dinner and Art Auction

Award winning chefs, Luke Dale-Roberts of The Test Kitchen and Giorgio Nava of 95 Keerom, have joined forces with Johans Borman Fine Art to host The Homestead Sponsorship Programme’s 2012 Gala Dinner and Art Auction. Luke and Giorgio are hosting the sit down dinner for 100 guests at the spectacular QV54 (The Land Bank) venue in historic Queen Victoria Street, Gardens, Cape Town on Saturday 1 December.

Celebrity presenter Ashley Hayden, a passionate Homestead supporter, is Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and specialist charity auctioneer Iain Banner will conduct the final bidding of the annual online Homestead Sponsorship Programme Art Auction. Event planner Alwijn Burger of ALWIJN is the conductor for the evening and has been working tirelessly to make this fundraising event a great success.

We are grateful for the generous support of all the event sponsors and artists involved, and would also like to thank everybody supporting this fundraising effort for their contribution.

Amori Borman & Sandalene Dale-Roberts

To view the works on auction and the current highest bids click here

To download (and save) the Auction catalogue click here

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