Hennie Niemann Jnr 2010

The red towel Hennie Niemann Jnr’s latest collection of oil paintings once again confirms the overwhelming visual and emotional impact of his unique style.

The artist’s current approach, as illustrated with this group of 21 paintings, is of a much more intimate nature in terms of subject matter and style than his early exuberant studies of Africa’s people and wildlife. These oils reflect Hennie Jnr’s fascination with the human form in studies of nudes and bathers, the intimacy of lovers, and the characters in his portrait studies.

Due to the tremendous demand for Hennie Jnr’s paintings, our waiting list has grown to over 120 clients and auction results have continually increased since his 2008 exhibition. In an attempt to give all potential buyers an equal opportunity to acquire one of these works, we have decided to make this collection of 21 paintings available by means of an online auction. This will ensure that all interested buyers will be able to bid on the works they wish to purchase and that the artist will get the full benefit of the fantastic demand for his work.

Bidding will start at 10h00 on Saturday 10 April 2010. For practical reasons, the deadlines for bidding have been spaced over 3 days during the week of 19 to 23 April. The hourly deadlines for individual paintings will be from 11h00 to 17h00 on:
Monday 19 April (lots 1 - 7)
Wednesday 21 April (lots 8 - 14)
Friday 23 April (lots 15 - 21)

Please check the hourly deadlines at which bidding on the particular paintings you are interested in will finish. Bids can be made by:
E-mail to art@johansborman.co.za
Telephone to 021 4236075
SMS to 082 5664631
Reserve prices will be indicated with each painting at the start of the online auction and the current highest bids will be displayed on the website as soon as we have received them.

We undertake to conduct this auction process in a fair and transparent manner. Should any dispute arise, it shall be resolved at our absolute discretion.

Lots 1 to 7 - Monday 19 April
Lots 8 to 14 - Wednesday 21 April
Lots 15 to 21 - Friday 23 April

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