William Christian - SOLD

Cobus van Bosch (b 1962)
William Christian
Oil on canvas
36 x 50 cm
Sold - 2011

Wilhelm (William or Willem) Christian Sr (#Nao Xab Xau-||ômab, died 1901), was captain of the Bondelswarts (!Gami-#nun) from 1869 to 1901. The German colonial forces had to keep constant military presence in the Bondelswart area (Warmbad in Namibia) and in 1898 mobilized against Christian for refusing to accept the registration of firearms. Christian was succeeded by his son, Jan Abraham, whose death in 1903 – he was shot in Warmbad during a skirmish with German soldiers – led to the Bondelswart and Herero Rebellions of 1903-1907.