The New Church - SOLD

Richard Mudariki (b 1985)
The New Church - 2014
Oil on canvas (triptych)
89 x 73,5 cm (3)
Signed and dated bottom right
Sold - 2015

This piece is inspired by the 1982 song, New Church, by pop group Lords of the New Church. The New Church is a movement whose views, doctrine and morals stand in sharp contrast to the normal conventions of the old Church. It is all inclusive; politicians, merchants, thieves, actors and the immoral are all part of the New Church.

New Church

When the heroes have all died away,
Priests and politicians have all lied away now.
Actors after all were only acting.
Church killed knowledge. Took the world a slave.

New Church
Join the New Church
Be a Lord of the New Church
Lords of the New Church Now – now

Ya gotta walk it, man, just like ya talk it.
Wear the uniform of your gang.
Purpose in life’s just for living.
Dream merchants fantasy surreal so real.


Divide and conquer – that’s their game.
Beneath their haircut and clothes we’re really
all the same.
They threaten our lives with nuclear war.
Gonna crucify us just once more.
Join the New Church
Be a Lord of the New Church hey.


Truth can’t be found on the television.
Throw away youth ya gotta take a stand.
Music is your only weapon.
Spanners in the works go start your gang…


You know we’re The New Church
Lords of the New Church