The Merchant - SOLD

Richard Mudariki (b 1985)
The Merchant - 2014
Acrylic on canvas
73,5 x 89 cm
Signed and dated bottom left
Sold - 2014

For centuries, Western imperialists with an appetite for the continent’s resources have been a permanent feature in African history. China’s footprint has been growing rapidly in most African countries during the past few decades: Is China a new colonial power? It seems that China is in Africa by invitation, and it is Africa’s choice to engage with them. They are being invited because many African countries have serious infrastructure needs that China is able to assist with. However, there are some rogue Chinese investors who are allowed to get away with non-compliance with regard to socio-economic and environmental practices and laws. China is doing what is best for China. What is stopping Africa from doing what is best for Africa?